Rainbow Puff Coasters ~ mini mandala pattern

Rainbow Puff Puff

Here is a mini pattern I made up between other projects because lets face it, we crochet for an end result and sometimes I’m just so impatient I need something finished asap ha ha.
You can find the pattern below or you can find the pattern in the patterns section of my blog as a pdf attachment.

Please forgive me for throwing away the yarn packaging 😦 
I have no idea what this yarn is called but I bought it from Lincraft if that helps and it is about 4ply, maybe a little thicker so any 4 ply yarn would work well I think.
Needle size 3.00 mm.

The particular yarn I used is either acrylic or polyester and I used it because its #pretty even though I know cotton would definitely be better suited for a coaster so use whichever yarn as you please.

Stitches and abbreviations:
~ St = stitch
~ Ch = chain
~ Sl st = slip stitch
~ Dc = double crochet
~ Puff Stitch 3 = yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull through all loops on hook, ch 1 to secure.
~ Puff stitch 4 = repeat of previous puff stitch except inserting hook 4 times.

Begin with magic loop

R1 – [Ch 3, 9 dc] into loop, pull tight. (10 dc[s] (including ch 3)

R2 – *[Puff stitch 3 (inserting hook 3 times with ch 1 to secure), ch 1]*. [Sl st] to top of puff st. (10 puff st[s]) with ch 2 sps between

R3 – [Sl st] into ch 2 sp, [ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2] in same sp. *[3dc] in ch 2 sp, [ch 2]*. [Sl st] to ch 3. (10 3 dc groups)

R4 – [Ch 3, dc] in next 2 dc sp[s], [ch 1, puff st (inserting hook 4 times with ch 1 to secure, ch 1] in ch 2 sp. *[Dc] in next 3 dc sp[s], [ch 1, puff st, ch 1] in ch 2 sp*. [Sl st] to ch 3. (10 puff st[s] and 10 3 dc groups)

Annnnnd you’re finished!
Thanks so much for visiting, lots of love ❤
Love P and J xxo

Pattern released and ready to go!

YAY!! After much (and when I say much, I mean an absolute f*ckload of time) stuffing around trying to upload this gigantic file, its finally ready to be viewed in all of its glory! Hooray! I have quite the feeling of achievement right now! (pat on back to myself he he).

Now, I’m going to be straight with you, this fella is gonna be a bit of a pain to download because its going to take awhile.. or maybe that’s just my crappy internet (fingers crossed its on my side).
It may take awhile to get there but I promise you its well and truly worth the wait. 
It is a full written pattern instruction with pictures in each round for reference. And as this is my first pattern, there’s probably going to be mistakes and that’s okay, that’s why I have released it for free. If you’re a well experienced crocheter or long time designer and have some tips I would be greatly appreciative to hear your thoughts, just head over to my contact page and shoot me a message or alternatively send me an email. 

Here is the download link, happy making friends.
Love P and J, xxo

P.s If this download doesn’t work, let me know asap and ill split it into 3 sections and upload that way.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Welcoming myself into this world of blogging as it is well over due.
Im here to share everything crochet, nature, love, good vibes and a positive lifestyle as that’s what I hope to put out into this crazy world.
My first ever written pattern ~ Jasmine Mandala, oh lordy this took me so much time and effort but I am sooo glad I took the leap and decided to become a designer! I have freehanded my pieces for some time now and I thought, heck, why not start writing them up, so I studied up on pattern writing and reading diagrams and just gave it a go. It sure isn’t perfect but I’m all about improving myself and with practice I know this will get better over time.
As this is my first pattern I’ve decided to release it into the world as a free pattern, yes making money is great but its nothing compared to the satisfaction of seeing MY work in the hands of someone else, that there, for me, is pure love.
I hope you all enjoy this blog page and community feeling.

My pattern release will be coming very soon, stay tuned friends 💖
Much love to you all, as always! Xxo