The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Welcoming myself into this world of blogging as it is well over due.
Im here to share everything crochet, nature, love, good vibes and a positive lifestyle as that’s what I hope to put out into this crazy world.
My first ever written pattern ~ Jasmine Mandala, oh lordy this took me so much time and effort but I am sooo glad I took the leap and decided to become a designer! I have freehanded my pieces for some time now and I thought, heck, why not start writing them up, so I studied up on pattern writing and reading diagrams and just gave it a go. It sure isn’t perfect but I’m all about improving myself and with practice I know this will get better over time.
As this is my first pattern I’ve decided to release it into the world as a free pattern, yes making money is great but its nothing compared to the satisfaction of seeing MY work in the hands of someone else, that there, for me, is pure love.
I hope you all enjoy this blog page and community feeling.

My pattern release will be coming very soon, stay tuned friends 💖
Much love to you all, as always! Xxo

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