Rainbow Puff Coasters ~ mini mandala pattern

Rainbow Puff Puff

Here is a mini pattern I made up between other projects because lets face it, we crochet for an end result and sometimes I’m just so impatient I need something finished asap ha ha.
You can find the pattern below or you can find the pattern in the patterns section of my blog as a pdf attachment.

Please forgive me for throwing away the yarn packaging 😦 
I have no idea what this yarn is called but I bought it from Lincraft if that helps and it is about 4ply, maybe a little thicker so any 4 ply yarn would work well I think.
Needle size 3.00 mm.

The particular yarn I used is either acrylic or polyester and I used it because its #pretty even though I know cotton would definitely be better suited for a coaster so use whichever yarn as you please.

Stitches and abbreviations:
~ St = stitch
~ Ch = chain
~ Sl st = slip stitch
~ Dc = double crochet
~ Puff Stitch 3 = yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull through all loops on hook, ch 1 to secure.
~ Puff stitch 4 = repeat of previous puff stitch except inserting hook 4 times.

Begin with magic loop

R1 – [Ch 3, 9 dc] into loop, pull tight. (10 dc[s] (including ch 3)

R2 – *[Puff stitch 3 (inserting hook 3 times with ch 1 to secure), ch 1]*. [Sl st] to top of puff st. (10 puff st[s]) with ch 2 sps between

R3 – [Sl st] into ch 2 sp, [ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2] in same sp. *[3dc] in ch 2 sp, [ch 2]*. [Sl st] to ch 3. (10 3 dc groups)

R4 – [Ch 3, dc] in next 2 dc sp[s], [ch 1, puff st (inserting hook 4 times with ch 1 to secure, ch 1] in ch 2 sp. *[Dc] in next 3 dc sp[s], [ch 1, puff st, ch 1] in ch 2 sp*. [Sl st] to ch 3. (10 puff st[s] and 10 3 dc groups)

Annnnnd you’re finished!
Thanks so much for visiting, lots of love ❤
Love P and J xxo

Pattern released and ready to go!

YAY!! After much (and when I say much, I mean an absolute f*ckload of time) stuffing around trying to upload this gigantic file, its finally ready to be viewed in all of its glory! Hooray! I have quite the feeling of achievement right now! (pat on back to myself he he).

Now, I’m going to be straight with you, this fella is gonna be a bit of a pain to download because its going to take awhile.. or maybe that’s just my crappy internet (fingers crossed its on my side).
It may take awhile to get there but I promise you its well and truly worth the wait. 
It is a full written pattern instruction with pictures in each round for reference. And as this is my first pattern, there’s probably going to be mistakes and that’s okay, that’s why I have released it for free. If you’re a well experienced crocheter or long time designer and have some tips I would be greatly appreciative to hear your thoughts, just head over to my contact page and shoot me a message or alternatively send me an email. 

Here is the download link, happy making friends.
Love P and J, xxo

P.s If this download doesn’t work, let me know asap and ill split it into 3 sections and upload that way.